Safety & Protection Solutions

Print Solutions Plus is pleased to offer several items to help control the spread of infectious diseases.

Our selection of items are ideal for hospitals, medical centers, doctor's offices, dental offices, retirement communities, food markets and anywhere preventing the spread of infectious disease is a priority.

Disposable Face Shields


Produced Domestically

Features Include:

  • Flexible design molds itself to the user's forehead
  • Foam padding allows for a tight and comfortable fit while holding the shield off of the user's face (allows for glasses, masks, etc.)
  • Elastic and/or adjustable head strap works for all sizes
  • Break-resistant clear plastic shield protects against splashes
  • Dimensions: 12"w x 9"h

Disposable Face Shields


  • Quick and easy to wear
  • Disposable
  • One size fits all

These ear loop masks are perfect for hospitals, medical centers, doctor's offices, dental offices, retirement communities, food markets due to being so easy to 'use and lose'. The simple bands conform around your ear and are quick and easy to put on in times of need.

Infection Control Safety Shields

Infection Control Safety Shields

Safety Shields help protect employees who work with the public by providing a physical barrier to help block the spread of germs and infectious disease.

Infection Control Stations

Infection Control Stations

Provide your staff and guests with the hygiene supplies they need, where they need them. Our floor-standing and wall-mounted infection control stations promote hygiene etiquette for your high traffic areas.

Compact Hygiene Stations

Compact Hygiene Stations

Hygiene awareness and infection control are important for every healthcare facility regardless of size and available space. Available for both counter tops and walls, we offer multi-function hygiene dispensers, deluxe and economy exam glove dispensers and versatile crash-boxes.

On top of providing items that help the spread of infectious disease, we also provide a variety of items for regular operation in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Printing

Medical & Healthcare Printing

Print Solutions Plus is an approved vendor for the new format for the State of NJ Prescription Pads.

We also offer a wide variety of products, including:

Procedure Cards - Custom Invoices - Appointment Cards - Letterhead - Envelopes - HCFA Forms - Index Tabs Promo Items - Medical History Forms - Pens - Lab Slips - Patient Information Sheets - and much more.

For more information on any of these items and more, contact us today!